• John Dodd

It has Begun...

What do you have to do when you write?

You have to read...

What's the one thing that those who write about need?


Who are we?

Two writers who want to help other writers get noticed, we buy the books where it's not an advance copy, and we give honest opinions on what we think about the book, at the end of the review, we give our rating on what we think about the book. Those ratings are:

Special Edition: This is the highest rating we give, at this level, we think the book is so good that we'd buy the special edition and want the author signing it.

Hardback: Not the highest rating we give, but when we give a book the Hardback rating, we don't want to wait for the book to come out in paperback, we want it now.

Paperback: We liked the book, but we'd be happy waiting for it to come out in paperback before we bought it.

Pre-owned: We finished the book, but it didn't grab us the way we hoped it might, if we were to buy a copy, it would be after someone else had finished with it.

Lend: Something about the book didn't work for us, if we give the book this rating, we'll forward our copies on to another book reviewer to see if they get a different experience from it.

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